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project Kurosasori main by rock-kun-exe
project Kurosasori main
this is the main charcter for my yugioh project say hello leave comments more on him on the 28th

project  黒くろ蠍さそり Kurosasori 
his hair loos great 
points to who ever can guess his deck theme if i got any points

base by auqa999:…

Character Name: Beezlemon / Beezlebumon ベルゼブモン
Nickname / Alias: Bee (most commenly refured to this by raven or when he is in human form)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Dark Area (true birth place is unknown if them being fallen holy digimon is true) 
Residence: earth and his own terriotory in the digtal world his tower is currently located near a mud fridgimon village 
General Appearance:a tall(gaint) blonde man with a very lean frame dressd in biker clotheing with odd scar on his face (last bit in human form) gray pale skin
Height: 8'2 (normal) 7'8  (human)
Weight: unknown

age: unknown

Measurements: unknown
Clothing Sizes: meduim-large
Clothing Choices: lots of black leather (missing his jacket in the AU) in the form of a jumpsuit covred in belts wearing a black/purple mask heavey boots and a read bandana tied around his arm and gun holsters on his legs 
Hair Color: blonde
Hair Length: short 
Eye Color: bright green (shares this feture with raven) he has three eyes 
Handedness:  both hands are equal
Jewelry: belts a shit ton of belts
Tattoos / Marks: when he removes his gloves he has the crest of gluttony in his left hands palm (all his forms) 
Role in the Story: Ravens bodyguard and role model (both) lover (AU) he looks out for raven and his friends and acts like he does not care but in reality quickest way to meet your death would be to harm anyone under his watch he is a older brother figure to all the kids and actualy really nice if you mange to get on his good side (and stay there) he is the main force of power behind squad 87 and the only reason raven was able to join trinity star was cause the company wanted to keep a eye on this bastred (and he knows it) he also raised raven from infancy there bound is why he can reach burst mode (but only with the input from ravens digivice) and burst mode marks his turn to heriosm 
(AU) he is still a role model and has a even closer bound with raven since it is just the two of them this is what lead to there intament realtionship and he fears loseing the boy and became much too overprotective and even more power hungry then ever (he can still reach burst mode but ravens emotinal state effects how long it lasts now) 
(more on his role in the future)
Key Relationships: (main) older brother to all the kids under his wing luke kandi and rae and hes usualy the first person kandi comes to for advice on her realtionship with raven (AU) bloodthirsty mate of raven and acts it when something crosses then line with him and trys to hurt the kid or hits all his buttons 
Education: hes old he knows stuff alot of things even if he dosnt act like it
Work History: use to be a member of the 7 great demon lords he left for his own reasons (befor the series) he works for trinity star (main) like all his species hes normal working alone save his tamer on everything and prefurs it this way (AU)
Skills: he is a very fast and agile gunslinger that can take a hit and more importantly dish it out befor you have time to react with both his weapons Berenjena or his own two fists he is also able to quickly analyze you and land hits fast and deadly into your weak spots (play any game and use there species they hit hard and are crit classes) able to fly in his burst mode and incresses his already massive speed and power also can summon behemoth the denomic motor bike in regular form for more speed and travel 
Phobias / Fears: the death of one of the kids under his watch dieing befor raven because itll leave the boy a emotinal sucidle wreck (not by choice) that raven will be killed for being techinecily as people put it ''a demons child'' he blames ravens mother for that one 
Bad Habits / Vices: smokeing drinking (dosnt give a fuck he dosnt have to worry about the negtive effects on himself) cussing bloodthirsty (or data) fighting insaulting people lack of mercy to people who piss him off 
Quirks: he pokes and prods at raven knowing it bugs the kid and acts like a jerk sometimes but will always give good advice 
Best Qualities: knows right from wrong protective and would jump into a fight that would cost him his life and has done so in the past 
brotherly and knows how to listen 
Worst Qualities: his lack of mercy and is ahunter he will track you down to kill you has a foul temper but its closer to tranquil fury his drinking and smokeing habbits tends to crash behemoth more then he should cocky (and everyright to be) 
Key Childhood Experiences: unknown he rarely speaks of his past
Key Teenage Experiences; see above
Key Adult Experiences: (ill add this later too tired to try right now)
Sexual Background: active (very active in the AU) 
Favorites (food, clothing, art, music, TV show, movie, book): not picky eater he likes leather lots of it dosnt watch tv and has read alot of books includeing a very important one 
Goals and Motivations: travel explore hunt and become more powerful kill lucemon (AU) same as main plus see if ravens core will give away to birth digieggs after the brats his mate (thank god breeding works so oddly for them)  
Morality / Ethics: good guy with a cruel streak (dont mess with his territroy)
View on life: give people a chance unless they cross him 
Taboos: killing humans he would only do it if forced after his last tamer and he would never attack the weak and frowns upon others who do so 
Style of Speech: mature and smooth with a small hint of going to kill you hidden in it 
Words/Slang/Jargon: hes a cusser hes even learned sware words in other languages to offend everyone equaly 
other: member of the:
Nightmare Soldiers
Nature Spirits
Wind Guardians
Metal Empire

branches of the digital world 
choice in weapon: twin shot guns Berenjena and his own claws tail and feet burst mode has a large canon


  • Darkness Claw: Raises a claw overhead and then cuts the opponent to pieces.
  • Double Impact: Rapid-fires the Berenjena.
  • Quick Shot: Rapid-fires using the Berenjena.
  • Heartbreak Shot: Fire a shot aimed at the opponent's heart. (lowers accruacy and defence in most games it used) 
  • he will also use the Berenjena to physicaly strike his oppenent if they get too close 
  • Burst(blast) mode: sprouts four wings and a arm canon gains a boost in all stats 
  • Chaos Flare: Magnifies the firepower of its Blaster with a magic circle.
  • Death Slinger: Inflicts dark-attribute damage with its Blaster.
  • High Impact: Attacks with Berenjena from the air.
  • super strength: able to carry raven around easily on his shoulders and move without slowing down even then
  • accuracy: he rarely misses a target and every blow is devastateing

Element: darkness
Immunities: darkness based attacks willbarely scratch him
Futilities: light attrabuted attacks 
Restrictions: none he is good with or without a weapon 
Origin: born with it 
other: The Seven Great Demon Lords are the chief nobility of the Dark Area, and each member has the right to command legions of the "Nightmare Soldiers", if they so wish.[4] They are also able to subvert the cycle of reincarnation presided over by Anubimon; instead of having the chance to be reborn, the data of their victims becomes their own flesh and blood



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
JUST CALL ME THE PLUSHY GOD I HEART PLUSHYS LOVE MAKEING THEM!!! im not a ax-weilding manic im a chainsaw weilding one im not crazy im insane

im a huge megaman/rockman exe fan iv got 7 figures and 2 plushies fighting over my bed [when my cats not chewing on them or atleast trying too] for those who dont know what megaman/rockman exe is:

MegaMan.EXE (ロックマン.EXE, Rokkuman.Eguze?, Rockman.EXE in the original) is the main NetNavi protagonist of the series. He is very close to his operator, Lan, and it is later revealed that he is actually Hub Hikari (Saito Hikari (光彩斗, Hikari Saito?) in the original), Lan's twin brother reincarnated as data. Hub died during early infancy from a rare heart disease, but their father, Yuichiro, managed to use Hub's DNA in his project to create the perfect NetNavi. Completely syncing DNA would cause them to connect and feel each others pain, so MegaMan's eye color is different, though the difference is later removed in order to save MegaMan's life. He later spends much of his time in the real world by using a "CopyBot" as a body. In the anime, it is not revealed that he is not Lan's twin but his close friend. He is voiced by Andrew Francis[1] in the English version, and Akiko Kimura in the Japanese version of the anime.

MegaMan is sometimes accused of being uptight by Lan because of his constant lecturing. He is usually optimistic even in the worst of times, and extremely determined. He is also usually very polite with other characters, where even in a bad situation unrelated to him he'll feel the need to apologize and make peace with others. Outside of that however, he often cracks jokes about "not being around" for Lan to wake him up or help with his homework. MegaMan's basic weapon is his Megabuster, and he can use various chips to enhance its abilities. He also has the special ability to "Style Change", which allows him to use different elements and abilities specific to the corresponding transformation, and later replaces it with "Soul Unison", which allows him to use the abilities of a friendly Navi. After being tainted by dark energy, he gains "Chaos Unison." After absorbing one of the Cybeasts, he gains the ability to take on their attributes. Falzar gives Megaman the ability to fly and a special "Talon Buster", while Gregar gives him stronger armor and the "Vulcan Buster."

i hope you check out my story and we become good friends

i also love davis from digimon 02 and wanna see fan art of him
im the musicle type [i will sing if a song i know plays and i cant live without my mp3 player]also WARNING: DO NOT HUG ME IN LIFE OR ON IM UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE I DO NOT LIKE HUGS AND WILL KILL ALL THOSE WHO HUG ME JUST ASK MY FRIENDS :iconbabababolb:
:icontimokuness: :iconred-0p: :iconkingdomo101: AND :iconxombie-ate-sensei:

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Current Residence: you dont need to know
Favourite genre of music: japnesse
Favourite style of art: chibi
MP3 player of choice: sansa
Favourite cartoon character: jack spicer horohoro CHIBIMON!! megaman/rockman exe freddy kuger
Personal Quote: because the invisable floting hairball from my ass told me so...

also if your ganna leave a comment criticing my art i dont mind as long as your stateing the postives too and saying were i should work on things thats helping not rude things ok so state the postives and the negitives then it wont be blocked i donbt need that crap well im sick

[][img]http://i.g… click to make the eevees happy

[][img]http://i.g… and the phiones

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help mist grow!!
the main  chapters of black+cross will now be written by red-op because it gives me time to focus on other series but you guys dont really care if any ones reading this know that i refuse to write new chapters of smile 4 me do to lack of interst because theres no comments on my other series i wanted to do a q&a for but no wants it

back to the main point expect chapter 4 on red-ops page ^.^
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  • Listening to: black intruder
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: digimon tamers
  • Playing: digimon all star battle
  • Eating: choclate
  • Drinking: root beer

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