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if people have yet to notice im updateing and reworking bios and designs keep a eye out for them

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here is a book to help you survive what ever demons throw at you it list weakness of each species
or facts you have not known in our world:

Years: demons can live to be very old but how old is unknown but we do know 1 year of our time is
100 years to a demon

Apprence: demons come in a varity of shapes and sizes but they tend to take on a very
attarctvie male/female form to seduce a mate or to try and eat you or just for the sick thrill
of toying with you

Demonic possession:  is held by many belief systems to be the control of an individual by a malevolent supernatural being.
Descriptions of demonic possessions often include erased memories or personalities, convulsions, "fits" and fainting as if one were dying.
Other descriptions include access to hidden knowledge  and foreign languages or anouther tounge drastic changes in vocal intonation
and facial structure, the sudden appearance of injuries (scratches, bite marks) or lesions, and superhuman strength. Unlike in channeling or
other forms of possession, the subject has no control over the possessing entity and so it will persist until forced to leave the victim, usually
through a form of exorcism.

Signs of possession:

warning most high ranking demons know how to put on a facade so they can disguses themselves well so it may be
harder to detecht them (any demonomic weakness they  had to holy water well outside the human host is gone when they
possess a human)

Mental changes:

changes in personality
changes in sleep patterns
sudden weight loss or gain
changes in attitude
Someone who begins cursing a lot when that is out of character for them
Notice if they suddenly have an aversion to religious objects. They may
be a person who normally goes to Church but suddenly despises the thought
Look for evidence of self- mutilation
Look for changes in the way the person dresses
Look for evidence of occult materials in the room
The person may experience severe nightmares or night terrors
They may be sexually pre-occupied. Excessive masturbation or doing it in front of others
May seem to have different personality or multiple personalities
Take note if they seem to have blackouts in their memory

Physical Changes:

The person involved may go for long periods of time without blinking their eyes
The person speaks a language they could not possibly know or the person speaks in tongues
Look for changes in the eyes
Look for obvious changes in their features
The person may have the ability to predict the future or
the ability to know about past events they should not know about
they may seem to glide instead of walk
Writing or symbols may appear on the body in the form of welts and scratches
Look especially in areas they could not reach
Hair or eye color may change
Take note if animals appear to be frightened of the person

Outward Manifestations:

Objects move around seemingly by themselves
Objects may disappear and not be found again
Knocking, banging or pounding may be heard throughout the house or in just one room
There may be knocks at the door but no one is ever there. These are often heard in threes,
as this is a way of mocking the Holy Trinity. Ditto for doorbells
Religious articles disappear or are destroyed. They may also be desecrated
Spontaneous fires may start up
Any talk of God or religion may cause an outbreak of activity
Physical attacks It might be in the form of punching, scratching, biting, hair pulling, etc
Psychological attacks The devil knows your weaknesses and will try to exploit them
Someone who feels ashamed about something will have an increase in that emotion
The same is true for depression, anxiety and anything else you can think of
Sexual assaults This can run the gamut from fondling to actual penetration
This can occur in males as well as females (this is a demons favorite one)

Host weakness:

crosses are doubled in power when used against a  demon and its host
bible versus harm them but will cause them to lash out at you
calling out to the host by name may wake them up enough to make it easyer to
exorcis (watch out for fakeing if the host seems to have regained control dont risk getting close
the demon may try to possess you instead)

Species and Weakness : there many types of demons even hybrids (hybrids tend to be more dangrous because the
weaknes for one of the or three creatures may no longer work because of anouther of its typeing
which is why demons love chooseing human mates for there clans) threat levels are mesured on a scale
of 1 to 10

Incubus: a mostly male species who enjoy laying with women at night well there are asleep
(female typeing is a sccubus) some legends say the incubus and sccubus are one in the same

weakness: holy water holy locks or pulling on there tails or members tend to be a easy way to
get them down to kill them cut off there tails
rarity: some what rare
favorite targets: females small girls and stripers and the rare femmin male
weapon: there claws and a ax like bit on the end of there tail
powers: charm~ a brainwashing song that forces the target to fall for the incubus
basic powers~ transformation super speed and strength and the power to impergnte even male
humans (a trait only male demons carry) possession
Apprence: they tend to look like very attractive boys with pale skin and skimmpy clothes
Threat level: 6

Sccubus: a mostly female species who enjoy laying with men at night well they are asleep
(male typeing is a incubus) some legends say the incubus and sccubus are one in the same

weakness: holy water holy locks or pulling on there tails or gropeing there breasts tend to be a easy way to
get them down to kill them cut off there tails
rarity: commen
favorite targets: males men male strippers and the rare female
weapon: there claws and a ax like bit on the end of there tail and there breasts
powers: charm~ a brainwashing song that forces the target to fall for the incubus
basic powers~ transformation super speed and strength possession
the power to seduce any man and some women
Apprence: they tend to look like very attractive women with pale skin and skimmpy clothes and
large breasts
Threat  level: 7

Imps: Imps are often mischievous rather than evil or harmful,
and in some regions they were portrayed as attendants of the gods
(also known as grimlins in other cultures)

weakness: they are easliy befriended if they really like you the tend to pull pranks for your anntention
holy water and crosses and stepping on them
rarity: commen
favorite targets: both genders and animals
weapon: none
powers: inhuman strength for there size and able to fly as well as knowlaged of machinary (they love helping humans more then harming them)
Apprence: they look like small 9 inch tall animal like humans most are ugly but some found to be cute
(one of the few spieces of demon who can not possesses a human)
Threat  level: 2 (when in groups of 5 or more) 10

Vampires: beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood)
of living creatures, regardless of whether they are undead or a living person/being

weakness: crosses holy water stakes to the heart fire and salt water
rarity: very rare
favorite targets: males target women and women target males more or less
weapon: claws and teeth
powers: flight anamorphises {bats crows spiders} immortalty mind control inhuman strength super speed
the power to turn other beings into a vampire
Apprence: they look like pale human beings
(one of the few spieces of demon who can not possesses a human but is one of three that can turn you into one of there own)
Threat  level: 9 ( in groups a 10 alone are still dangrous so be weary when hunting them)

half-lings: beings who were revied by vampire blood when almost dead they tend to have a scar were the death wound was (alternet name is ghoul)

weakness: holy locks crosses and they can not do anything with out a order from there master (the one who revied them)
rarity: rare
favorite targets: whom ever there masters says to
weapon: inhuman strgngth
powers: flight inhuman strength super speed and
the power to turn other beings into a vampire
Apprence: they look like how ever they did befor death
(one of the few spieces of demon who can not possesses a human but can bite you and turn you into a zombie)
Threat  level: 9

Oni: These nebulous beings could also take on a variety of forms
to deceive (and often devour) humans

weakness: soybeans and spell tags
rarity: rare
favorite targets: males target women and women target males more or less
weapon: claws and a club
powers: the power to cause disasters inhuman strength possession bad luck and invisabilty
Apprence:  hideous, gigantic creatures with sharp claws, wild hair, and two long horns growing from their heads.
They are humanoid for the most part, but occasionally, they are shown with unnatural features such as odd numbers
of eyes or extra fingers and toes Their skin may be any number of colors, but red and blue are particularly common
Threat  level: 5

Yokai: are a  class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore
they come in a verity of classes:

Tanuki (raccoon dogs)
Kitsune (foxes)
Hebi (snakes)
Mujina (badgers)
Okami (wolves)
Bakeneko (cats)
Tsuchigumo and jorogumo (spiders)
Inugami (dogs)

weakness: spell tags holywater and salt
rarity: extermly rare
favorite targets: women
weapon: illusions
powers: shapeshifting (they lead people to there deaths throw ice storms and over cliffs)
Apprence: veriys
Threat  level: 5

Tsukumogami: are an entire class of Yokai comprising ordinary household items that have come to life
on the one-hundredth anniversary of their birthday:

Bakezori (straw sandals)
Biwa-bokuboku (a lute)
Bura-bura (a paper lantern)
Karakasa (old umbrellas)
Kameosa (old sake jars)
Morinji-no-kama (tea kettles)
Mokumokuren (paper screens with eyes)

weakness: spell tags holywater and salt
rarity: commen
favorite targets: none (there a friendly class and enjoy being used like normal objects some even bless the user)
weapon: none
powers: can break curses bless users and bring good luck to wears
Apprence:  veriys
Threat  level: 1 (10 if  your threteing the life of said user around object)

Michino the proper name for them is fiend: they are beings of elements that hide what they call skins the known ones are kamio (shadows and darkness) pyrails (fire) kishi (water) and kaze (wind) 
roumors say the Michino are from anouther relem and have the power to cause the end
of the world (and the last part judgeing by kamio seems true) they are from anouther relem they also have strict mateing rules
recently there has been anouther species discovred they seem more helpful then chaotic to humans which is great for them some get clingy when mateing or they end up pregnet "shits the burnt pages out of the book and rewrites what was lost" thanks pryrails alot 

weakness:  the weakness verys with species but all share one there own blood is toxic to them and other species only pyrails has lived
threw a cut and even then hes slowly loseing control of his powers it seems other notable weakness is kamio avresion to light quick flickers stun him and flash grenades harm him and stun pyrails is weak to water and kishi can be weakened with dry air and dirt or anything that will pollute him
rarity: rarest of all species
favorite targets:  verys kamio liked emotinaly unblanced people pyrails was mated but quickly drove to sucide when he was left alone
and clinged to the first person who cared for him or my dad in this case kishi is lazy and takes what he can get 
weapon: there own forms
powers: by what sources have seen he uses shadows in a verity of ways and can make them soild at will
shapeshift possess people and vanish in thin air and has some forms of telekinises and seems to possess inhuman strength
and he might have the power to impregnet males pyrokinises and more based on there elements
UPDATE: seems he is not possessing any human male but has created a synethic skin to hide his true form it seems to get really hot in it and works like clothing but when on theres no seams or visable entrence/exit to leave all fiends do this the matriels there skin is made from varys on elements
Personality: some of the people who have met him claim hes a gentleman others
and others a great lover during fights he is calm and cocky kamio has chnaged alot thow he and kishi could have a lazy contest because both rarely get off there asses 
Apprence: he is a tall 6'0 teenager with dark brown hair with light streaks wearing red and yellow
earrings wearing a black jump suit with a red scarf and black and white slipper like shoes and his name in kanji is
tatooted on his face his eyes are vilote red and skin is slightly tanned always seems to have a slasher smile on his face
recently mellowed out and hit puberty forhis species kamio now wears a black suit thow messily 
Other Forms: being from anouther world this form may only be a
disguise he may have anouther form hidden beneth UPDATE: true form is a living shadow others elements very
with a visable hairline and no eyes

Species: Daricon Elves (or Dark elves) they have Michino strength

weakness:  like most of this class so far that is not known they dont die in the sun but seem to prefur not being in it
favorite targets: humans being a friendly class they love hearing stories about human life they make great listeners
weapon: many weapons magic,sowrds, bows, arrows being most used there leader uses a book
powers: they can manpulate your mind into attacking your self (so being tossed around the room by ''nothing'' is actualty you throwing your self against thoses walls) healing factor immortality and power to disguise them selves as humans there only diffience between there disguised form and a real human is there markings which can be passed off as tattoos has some forms of telekinises  inhuman strength black magic and white magic
Personality: polite and careing many rumurs of daricon's where wrong there leader loves the toys humans have made they also care very much for every species on earth thow makeing them your enemy isnt a good thing easy way to earn there respect is to just be nice
Apprence: most of them have blue eyes red gems in the center of there foreheads white hair gray skin with silver (males) gold (females) markings with white hair (the white hair becaomses a normal hair color for humans upon transformation) pointed ears and fangs there eyes slightly larger then normal humans and any clotheing the mange to find or buy from earth

Threat  level: Very high but relitivlty friendly (so well call it the run if angerd type)
Other Forms: humanoid form they dont look very denomic
yay im finally done writeing it this is the offical guid for the series i mentioned writeing a while ago iv finally decided to uplaod later ill have kamios bio up with a little more info and in a few weeks the first 5 chapters

black+crosses main chacters:
kamio~ anti-hero with attatdtude and preverted all the way

others will be revealed soon

been updated with a new class check it out
are any of my watchers active? i feel things have gotten dead here
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project Kurosasori main by rock-kun-exe
project Kurosasori main
this is the main charcter for my yugioh project say hello leave comments more on him on the 28th

project  黒くろ蠍さそり Kurosasori 
his hair loos great 
points to who ever can guess his deck theme if i got any points

base by auqa999:…



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
JUST CALL ME THE PLUSHY GOD I HEART PLUSHYS LOVE MAKEING THEM!!! im not a ax-weilding manic im a chainsaw weilding one im not crazy im insane

im a huge megaman/rockman exe fan iv got 7 figures and 2 plushies fighting over my bed [when my cats not chewing on them or atleast trying too] for those who dont know what megaman/rockman exe is:

MegaMan.EXE (ロックマン.EXE, Rokkuman.Eguze?, Rockman.EXE in the original) is the main NetNavi protagonist of the series. He is very close to his operator, Lan, and it is later revealed that he is actually Hub Hikari (Saito Hikari (光彩斗, Hikari Saito?) in the original), Lan's twin brother reincarnated as data. Hub died during early infancy from a rare heart disease, but their father, Yuichiro, managed to use Hub's DNA in his project to create the perfect NetNavi. Completely syncing DNA would cause them to connect and feel each others pain, so MegaMan's eye color is different, though the difference is later removed in order to save MegaMan's life. He later spends much of his time in the real world by using a "CopyBot" as a body. In the anime, it is not revealed that he is not Lan's twin but his close friend. He is voiced by Andrew Francis[1] in the English version, and Akiko Kimura in the Japanese version of the anime.

MegaMan is sometimes accused of being uptight by Lan because of his constant lecturing. He is usually optimistic even in the worst of times, and extremely determined. He is also usually very polite with other characters, where even in a bad situation unrelated to him he'll feel the need to apologize and make peace with others. Outside of that however, he often cracks jokes about "not being around" for Lan to wake him up or help with his homework. MegaMan's basic weapon is his Megabuster, and he can use various chips to enhance its abilities. He also has the special ability to "Style Change", which allows him to use different elements and abilities specific to the corresponding transformation, and later replaces it with "Soul Unison", which allows him to use the abilities of a friendly Navi. After being tainted by dark energy, he gains "Chaos Unison." After absorbing one of the Cybeasts, he gains the ability to take on their attributes. Falzar gives Megaman the ability to fly and a special "Talon Buster", while Gregar gives him stronger armor and the "Vulcan Buster."

i hope you check out my story and we become good friends

i also love davis from digimon 02 and wanna see fan art of him
im the musicle type [i will sing if a song i know plays and i cant live without my mp3 player]also WARNING: DO NOT HUG ME IN LIFE OR ON IM UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE I DO NOT LIKE HUGS AND WILL KILL ALL THOSE WHO HUG ME JUST ASK MY FRIENDS :iconbabababolb:
:icontimokuness: :iconred-0p: :iconkingdomo101: AND :iconxombie-ate-sensei:

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Current Residence: you dont need to know
Favourite genre of music: japnesse
Favourite style of art: chibi
MP3 player of choice: sansa
Favourite cartoon character: jack spicer horohoro CHIBIMON!! megaman/rockman exe freddy kuger
Personal Quote: because the invisable floting hairball from my ass told me so...

also if your ganna leave a comment criticing my art i dont mind as long as your stateing the postives too and saying were i should work on things thats helping not rude things ok so state the postives and the negitives then it wont be blocked i donbt need that crap well im sick

[][img]http://i.g… click to make the eevees happy

[][img]http://i.g… and the phiones

Click Me!
help mist grow!!
are any of my watchers active? i feel things have gotten dead here
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